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I have been itching to share some really exciting news and now that the release date is only a few weeks away I can reveal that my first pattern is going to be released on the 14th November in the online e-zine  ONE THIMBLE  YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Click here to visit One Thimble.

I have been doing a happy dance ever since I submitted my pattern to One Thimble two months ago. I am such a HUGE fan of this e-zine.

I enrolled in Pattern Workshop 6 months ago and am proud to say “I AM READY” to release my creativity to the world.  So here they are my….


…………(insert drum roll)………..


   #####    SCRAPPIES   #####

Scrappies are a bright and colourful  festival/ lounge pant for both boys and girls. They are fun, funky and functional. These pants are the perfect project to use up all of your gorgeous scraps that you haven’t wanted to throw out. Let you imagination run wild with the inset panels. I have made them very wide so they provide the perfect canvas for your inner artist. Make them in whatever style tickles your fancy – modern, colourful, vintage,retro, classy and more.

IMG_9467 copy

This pattern includes unisex sizes ranging from newborn to 10 years. There are 3 length options provided in the pattern – shorts, Capri and long pants.

The  shorts reach the knee, the capri pants come to mid-calf, and the pants are ankle length.

 IMG_9483 copy IMG_9307 copy IMG_9675

These pants are designed to be super comfortable for active and playful children. The waist band, is made from knit, ribbing or lycra to ensure that it hugs the waist softly.


I am so very grateful to my AMAZING testers for trying out my first pattern.  I was very lucky to get a huge mix of talented ladies in my testing group, some are beginners, some are advanced sewers, some are bloggers and some are new designers like myself. I am  including photos from ALL of my testers as they all deserve a mention because they are AWESOME!! I should mention that testers were only required to make one pair of Scrappies but ask any of them and they will tell you they are SUPER ADDICTIVE and FUN and QUICK to make. I have also included their testimonials about my pattern.

Instagram #scrappiespattern #threadingrainbows

Check out these tiny Scrappies I made for a friends new born -eeeek this gorgeous girl is only 6 weeks old. Adorable and comfortable in her Scrappies.



These baby sized Scrappies also fit my Cabbage Patch Kid (yes I have kept it since I was a little girl).


Xoanon Lambert  made this newborn pair for her bub to be.

Xoanon Lambert

The next Scrappies (6-9 months) were made by the very talented and creative Carina Seth. Her baby girl  is ADORABLE!

“We completely love the Scrappies! They are such a quick and easy sew and really are just super cute on. The instructions are very easy to follow and a great pattern for a beginner. They are super addictive to make and a great way to use up your favourite scraps. Definitely recommend this pattern to everyone.”

unnamed (4)  Carinaseth

FullSizeRender (4)

Debbie Cameron, a designer/blogger,  created some very trendy versions for her two gorgeous boys in sizes 5 and 9.  Be sure to check out her awesome blog Stitch it now where she offers tips for sewing, pattern reviews and her own pdf patterns. Debbie said she will be doing a review of this pattern so be sure to check it out!  Also – how cool is the mesh overlay pocket on the army ones!!!

“Not only was this pattern super quick and according to my boys ‘Super duper comfortable!’; I loved that I could use up small pieces of our favourite fabrics to personalise them! I foresee many more Scrappies in our future”

IMG_2099     IMG_2081 IMG_2172     IMG_2145

Debra Verrall, a designer/ blogger, from Stitching Rules created a size 10 pattern for her handsome son ( love the pose).  Here are her awesome Scrappies. Be sure to check out her very informative and helpful page for tips, tutorials and more patterns.

“These are great shorts for my slim hipped boys! The wide stretch waistband is so much softer on young skin than denim and cotton and doesn’t have the adjustable elastic that always digs in to my sons hips. I’m going to make them in board-short fabric next”

10665773_741855392529180_288740453032352033_n  10426887_741855469195839_5467976566978497959_n

Another designer/ blogger that tested for me is Sally Barker from Sallifersews. Check out her awesome reviews on her webpage.  Her daughter is so cute in these full length size 9-12 months Scrappies. How cute is the matching jumper that Sally made to match the pants.

“Love that these pants are such a quick sew and make great use of all the pretty scraps I have saved up!”

10711063_10152703862259259_3093532220137296231_n 10559796_10152680890844259_4671079217091726842_n 227082_10152680890579259_744956218087242378_n

Check out these super cute shorts that Sally Crosthwaite made for her gorgeous kids.  Sizes 6-9 months and size 10.

“An awesome pattern so versatile. Anything from a fun funky shorts to simple shorts for kids to play in. Super comfortable for the kids to wear.”

10687975_10152426510776656_1925724665555781928_o IMG_9486 copy IMG_9483 copy

Sally also made these long Scrappies for her beautiful children.


Meg  Brill from Sew Wat made a gorgeous pair of gnome Scrappies for her daughter size 6 length with a size 5 waist.  This pattern is very  versatile so you can mix up the sizes to get the PERFECT fit . I love her cute poses.  Great meditation pants!!!     or not……

“This little pant pattern is sew versatile! The options are endless and it can be as simple or complex as you’d like!”

10717490_10204915207736941_548477139_n 10723324_10204915213417083_1520749509_n 10719298_10204915206216903_1020819181_n

The lovely Samantha Rook from Stitched by Sam made these awesome long scrappies for her super cute son.  Check them out!!  Also check out Sam’s page for some lovely Christmas present ideas 🙂

“I found this pattern to be so easy to follow, versatile and fun to sew! I haven’t seen a unisex pattern with so many options. It sews up so quickly that my son now has 5 pairs of scrappies. I absolutely love this pattern and recommend it to everyone! It has become my go to pant pattern for style, fun and flair!”



Sam was the one to discover the Baggies version of my pattern. Check them out below.


Vikki Terry from Frissymish made THE CUTEST pair of short shorts for her daughter.  If I had the legs for it I would make myself a pair. Check out the gymnastic move – WOWSERS!!!

Make sure you check out her blog  review of this pattern by clicking on the link above.

” I like a lot of things about this pattern. It’s quick and easy and you can mix it up as little or as much as you like. A solid side panel means you’re finished in no time at all while a scrappy side panel takes a little longer but makes for a really unique and contrasting look. I’m not used to sewing knit waistbands and was a bit worried how I’d go but it was honestly so easy that I want to make all of my kids pants like this. The knit waistband makes for a great fit and is soft and comfy for them. I love the printing option to turn on/off which sizes you want to print too. Thanks for the great pattern, I’m off to sew another pair of scrappies! “

Girls scrappies 5 Girls scrappies 4

Girls scrappies 1

Vikki also made a cute pair for he gorgeous son.

Boys scrappies 2

Suzanne Wallace was so very helpful in creating this pattern – not only did she come up with SUPER COOL ideas for the pattern she also assisted me in editing the instructions. Thank-you xxx Check out her AWESOME Scrappies in sizes 9-12 months, 18 months and 7. Isn’t that butterfly fabric DIVINE!!!

“I absolutely love the Scrappies!
The side panel is a mastermind, with endless decoration  options.
Making the pants is quick and the pattern is very easy to follow.
I believe they are a must in all wardrobes but be warned, they are addictive!”

DSCF2172 (1) copy  DSCF2258 copy DSCF2264 copy 10689743_10204661773885374_111391953707569061_n SuzanneW2

Suzanne created this gorgeous side ruffle by adding a gathered rectangle to the side panel.  I also love how she appliqued the truck shorts on the side panel.


10678663_10204599705053692_2392297074732590565_n (1)




Lindsey Jones from Jacaranda Handmade made these gorgeous shorts for her two stunning daughters. I love the striped panels! Be sure to check out her page as there are lots of cute handmade items on there for sale.

“A quick, comfortable sew, and a great use for scraps :)”

10485995_10152820250388060_4892693593012098585_n (1) 10419547_10152820245978060_6194927861323670577_n 10704122_10152820246478060_3055241162898846338_n

Jamie Van Haaren from Little Miss Mulberry & the dragon made shorts for her cute kids. Check out her page for lovely handmade items.

“These shorts are brilliant! Oscar’s shorts are worn, washed and worn again, they have taken him from climbing in trees at the beach to a day at Kindy. He says they are super comfy too! The knit waistband is great too and easier on little tummies than elastic. The perfect everyday short or dressed up pant, the options are limitless!!”

252501_10152852666018787_3858366642517173031_n 10702081_10152869553558787_225073390286240301_n

Colleen Kirkby made lots of cute pairs of  capris, shorts and longs in sizes 9-12 months, 4, 5 and 8!  Check out the shirring on the bottom of the Capris – love it!

“I love the fit of the Scrappies every size I made fitted beautifully and the kids keep saying how comfortable they are”

10424246_10202747304620501_1261773237088754382_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10376909_10202694861709461_5298862932694832194_n 10689893_10202668335366319_6342360105965578578_n


Check out these gorgeous 9-12 month shorts that Colleen Kirkby also made – seriously wow!! Love that side panel fabric!!!

10606603_10202694377297351_365035196948355046_n (1)

Rachel Maxwell made a super cute pair of Size 7 Scrappy harems by inserting elastic into the bottom hems. I love them. The wasitband is made from an old shirt – I love upcycling!!! Her sons shorts are very trendy as well – love the fabrics.

“Easy and quick to sew. You will want to make one in every colour”

10514202_10205183552254236_566384813955126394_o 10272625_10205183547214110_7275814503400114772_o 1622514_10205183549814175_1567813804950000107_o

1102656_10205074852616813_6936198342404276551_o   1401752_10205074851296780_742453346419363599_o

Karen Inall created these cute size 2 pant length Scrappies.

1551457_10152792058307474_7645295953973496876_n 10469042_10152799258677474_5034290852576300473_n

Susan Hewitt,  a designer from Petticoat Studio made these stylish size 4 baggier pair using echino cotton linen. Gorgeous!

“These pants are super cool and I love how they came together. It was so satisfying to use some of my massive pile of scraps while making them! I am sure I will make my other son a pair too! Love them!”


2014-10-08 07.43.38

2014-10-08 07.41.40

Jody Pratt made a few pairs of awesome Scrappies in size 5.  Here are her creations.

“I am a newbie sewer first time quilting for the side panel and first time sewing with knit. Easier than I thought”

P1080457 P1080460




Kristy Templer from The Koo Kollection made size 4 capris with a size 3 waistband for her daughter.  These photos are cute – she couldn’t stand still 🙂

“One of the easiest and most rewarding patterns I have used and I am a beginner!! The options mean there is a huge variety to choose from to suit all seasons and both boys and girls. I love this pattern and can’t wait for it to be available in adults sizes! :)”  

I am now in the process of making ADULT SIZES so hopefully your wait won’t be too long Kristy 🙂


Check out these Star Wars baby ones that Kristy also made “May the Force be with you!”


Toni Hill from Baby Duck Creations made this cute set of shorts – love the colours and the trim.

“I loved making these shorts, and how the pattern is for pants also is a bonus i think, the side panels are so gorgeous and you can let your imagination run wild with your scraps and embellishments! i love the waistband the most its so comfy for kids and helps with a better fit :D”



Toni Hill - Baby Duck creations

Nicola Tustin made her friends twins a set of Scrappies ( what a lovely friend)

“This pattern is a great way to use up smaller pieces of your favourite fabrics. It’s very easy to follow and quick to sew. The finished item is both very smart and unique . It is suitable for all levels of sewing skills”


Heather Josiasse Stedman  made these size 10 shorts for her cute boy.

“This pattern was well written, easy to follow and a quick sew. It took me longer to pick out the fabric then to sew up the shorts! The sizing was spot on using the measurements provided. The design is fun, allowing you to use up your scraps of any size and you can get so many different looks from this pattern for both boys and girls. It was my first time sewing with knit (the waistband) and I found the instructions clear and the result was perfect. I was impressed with the finish. I can’t wait to make many more pairs in different lengths for my son and daughter.”


Tennille Farley made these cute long Scrappies for her grandaughter and these awesome shorts for her son.

“The Scrappies pattern was an easy quick sew, with simple, easy to follow instructions. Finished product looks great on all lengths for boys and girls.. So many options to choose from from one pattern and you can keep it simple or go wild with your creativity to create some unique and stylish pants.”



DSC_0086 (1)

Char Anderson made her gorgeous children some cute shorts.

“Nice quick, easy sew. Lots of potential for individual creativity!!”

char3 char


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    WOW!!! This post is epic Jaala, just like this pattern is going to be!!! Seriously love this pattern, can’t wait to see it published in One Thimble!! So glad I could test it, my boys love them!

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    Well doesn’t this post look great! Look at all the amazing Scrappies! Congratulations on the release of your first PDF pattern Jaala! I am so happy for you and I wish you all the best for huge success!! You’ve done such an amazing job and I look forward to purchasing your next patterns released! Well done you!!

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